May 2015 – Disney!


I held the news in as long as I could and couldn’t wait to tell my family I was pregnant again. I had it all planned out – we were spending the week at Disney World for my mom’s 60th birthday so I had to wait the entire week before I could tell them (of course her birthday was literally the last day of our trip). I usually ride roller coasters but stayed off of them and my parents were starting to notice. I was feeling nauseous so I would have to sneak off to eat because they knew I wasn’t a big eater so to see me eat so much would give it away. I had to laugh because my mom was so worried that I was acting weird that she wanted me to get tested for diabetes when I got home – the whole time I was thinking, “if she only knew what was going on”.

Her birthday finally came -we had her presents wrapped and her last one was a picture of the ultrasound. Our ultrasound technician was incredible and even typed “Happy 60th Birthday Mimi” on the picture – it was adorable and so special. My parents were so excited to hear the news and laughed about putting all of the pieces together from my odd behavior. We walked through Magic Kingdom, celebrated my mom, celebrated the baby – it was just a fabulous day.

My due date was December 31st – what an amazing way to end the year and start a new year! I was so excited to be pregnant again and was so thrilled that God had blessed me with another baby!

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